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Why you need some moodjo in your life
16 good reasons to use moodjo


Do you think that it's not that easy to meet new people in your daily life? Do you have the feeling that not much is happening when you go out?
There's an app for that. moodjo.

The principle behind moodjo's Live is NOT to meet people that are 100 miles, 10 miles, 100 meters away… Nor even in a street nearby.
Honestly who wants to meet new people this way?

On the contrary, moodjo helps you meet new people that really are in the same place as you, at the same time!

Check In

moodjo's check in enables you to indicate - don't worry, not to the whole world but only to the app - the place where you currently are. It can be a bar, a party, a train, the university, the gym, a beach, a park, a tourist site… In short, any kind of place where you can meet people.
That's it! The app takes care of the rest. You can check the profile of the persons that are in the same place as you, find out who's interested in meeting new people and who's in the same mood as you. All you'll have to do then is to tag the persons that you like ;-)

The Tag

moodjo's basic principle is very simple: you tag people that you like, who can either be people you come across or people that you frequently see in your daily life. The app then connects people who have a mutual tag.

The Windshield ®

Our goal is to break down the barriers that prevent us from meeting new people spontaneously and naturally, on everyday life occasions. But we know that the fear of getting turned down is a major obstacle to go and talk to a new person. That's why we invented the... Windshield.

With the Windshield, relax, you can tag people you have a crush for, at any moment, with no stress: your identity is revealed only if the tag is mutual!

Tag the stranger sitting right next to you at a café terrass, the friend you're secretly in love with, your sports teacher, your colleague, your boss… Anything is possible!

In concrete terms, how does it work? »

A prime example

Sara is a young New Yorker who wants to meet someone new. She comes up with the brilliant idea to download moodjo on her iPhone ;-)

On moodjo, Sara will be able to subscribe to the circles of her real life:

Sara subscribes to the circle MyLittleCompany, the company she works for: she'll be able to tag the colleague(s) she's always had an eye on. She also subscribes to Cornell University where she studied a few years ago, she'll be able to find all her classmates who are subscribed to this circle as well. Apart from that, Sara has made The Mulberry Project one of her go to hangouts, where she has lunch or a drink with her friends at least twice a week. She often sees the same faces there, so she decides to subscribe to The Mulberry Project circle. Sara also jogs twice a week in Central Park, so she adds Central Park as one of her circles on moodjo: with a bit of luck, she'll run into her sports coach...

Similarly, other people who share the same social circles as Sara in real life are also able to subscribe to these circles on moodjo. Sara will thus be able to check their moodjo profile at any point in time and can tag the ones that she likes with the peace of mind of knowing her identity will be kept secret by the Windshield… and vice-versa for the other users of course ;-)

How does it work?

Very simply! Let's take a look at a basic example:
Emma and Ben are sitting at the same café, on a sunny terrace, with a lot of other people around. It seems like the perfect moment to use moodjo to meet someone new ;-)

1 - Checking In

Emma and Ben have both launched moodjo on their smartphone and have checked in, meaning they have informed the app that they are currently sitting in this café.

2 - The Tag & the Windshield

Emma sees on her smartphone the profile of people who are in the café and connected to moodjo. Emma notices Ben who interests her quite a bit: Emma tags Ben!
… with no stress, since Emma knows she's protected by the Windshield : she will remain anonymous if her interest is not mutual.

Admittedly, Ben did not tag Emma. It’s ok, that happens!
Ben is notified that he's been tagged by someone but doesn't know who it is.

3 - The Who-Are-You?

But nothing's lost! Ben is curious, he really wants to find out who tagged him: he could always change his mind… Ben decides to send a Who-Are-You? request to ask Emma if she agrees to reveal her identity even though her tag is not mutual.
Emma has the choice: she can refuse or accept the Who-Are-You? request.

But Emma is in a gambling mood, she accepts (and she has reason to): Ben now knows that it was Emma who tagged him.

4 - Connection & Ice-Breaker

Ben tags Emma. The tag is now mutual, which means that both Emma and Ben have expressed their interest to meet. Emma and Ben are have now been put in touch: All they have to do now is get to know each other… They can even use the Ice-Breaker if they want.

Moral of the story...

In the end, thanks to moodjo, Emma and Ben have met, because they were able to "scan" the crowd of people that were in the place as them, who were potentially interested in meeting new people. Thanks to the Windshield, they were able to make the first step, without any fear of getting turned down.
In short, without moodjo, Emma and Ben would have probably never met...

Save time, live more

Say goodbye to dozens of hours spent in front of your desktop, working on your best possible profile. Forget dating websites' formatted and useless waffle, the hard-work dating process that most often leads to disappointment...

With moodjo, the more you live normally, in real life, the more chances you get to meet new people spontaneously

Meet new people:

  • while having a drink with your friends,
  • at work, at school,
  • during a show, a concert, a festival,
  • while training or shopping,
  • on a holiday,
  • within your daily life circles,
  • within your circle of friends and friends' friends,
  • etc.

None of that match-making nonsense

We don't believe in complex calculations that match ultra-detailed profiles and lists of interests in order to help you meet someone with whom you have a "perfect compatibility".
At moodjo, we look at things differently: user profiles are kept to a minimal and are limited to basic information.

We think that on the contrary, the best possible matching criteria are the places where you hang out and the social circles of your real life.
The more circles you have in common with someone, the higher the chance that you’ll get along well.